(Bahawalpur Pakistan) is neither a tale of two cities nor a traveling account. Bahawalpur pertains to be one of the interesting episodes of the history of the subcontinent. The story tells how adventurous Abbasid remnants after the downfall of their empire at Baghdad got another lease of life on the Indian soil. The end of the Abbasid Caliphate in 1258 was not only an irreparable loss to the world of Islam but also a death blow to a glorious chapter of… History of Bahawalpur

Places of Intrest

Lal Suhanra National Park
Sutlej River
Central Library Bahawalpur
Darbar Palace
Noor Palace
Derawar Fort
Sadiq Garh Palace
Daulat Palace
Bahawalpur Zoo

Pictures of Bahawalpur City

Historical Gates
Historical Palaces
Cars of Nawabs

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