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Provincial Status of Bahawalpur

Founded 1818 Delhi, Wednesday, May 2nd, 1951


The Government of Pakistan and the ruler of the Bahawalpur State have entered into an “important” agreement which pull the state on the same footing as provinces under the Government of India Act of 1935 in the matter of legislation and administration.

It was announced here today. The agreement, technically described as the supplementary instrument of Accession was signed by the ruler of the State of Bahawalpur, Aamir Sadiq Muhammad Fifth Abbassi. Yesterday, and was accepted by the Governor-General today.

Under the agreement, the text of which was released at a press conference given here by Dr Muhammad Hussain. Minister for state of states and Frontier Regions, the ruler of Bahawalpur has agreed to transfer to the Central Government all subjects mentioned.

In list 1 of the Government of India Act (1935) and called Central subjects defence, foreign affairs and communications are already administrated by the center.

All subjects covered by the list 2 of the Government of India Act, called Provincial subjects, will continue to be administrated by the State. Both the Federal and the State legisiatures will have the power to legisiate in respect of subjects mentioned in the concurrent list of the Government of India Act. But the Federal legisiature will have precedence over the State legisiature should there occur conflict between the two.

Dr Hussain made it clear that this pattern evolved for Bahawalpur State would not be applicable to all ten States in Pakistan. Which were “very different from one another”. The State will in future be treated as a Province in the matter of grants and loans.