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Bahawalpur Zoo

Bahawalpur zoo was set up in 1942 by the former Aamir of Bahawalpur. In 1955 after the adjacency of the state of Bahawalpur with Pakistan the administration of the zoo was entrusted to the Department of Agriculture. From 1977 to 1982 the zoological garden remained under the governance of the Department of the Live Stock Punjab.

Bahawalpur zoo is actually circumferential of 25 Acers of land. This zoo is special and different from all others in Pakistan in terms of the procreation of the lions. Besides that this zoo holds the pride of the procreation of Bengal tiger, dapple tiger and black bear for the first time in Pakistan.

Bahawalpur zoo is not only a place of enjoyment for both elders and teen but it can be said that it is very helpful for students researhing about wild life. A Fish pond is also there, in which different kind of beautiful fishes are kept including star fish.

Some of the purposes of creating this zoo are as under:-

1- Enjoyment.
2- Procreation of wild life.
3- General knowledge about wild life.
4- Research regarding wild life.

Museum of the Bahawalpur Zoo

The last emperor of Bahawalpur his Highness Nawab Sir Sadiq Khan (v) had fondness of Collecting antiquities, animals and nourishing different kind of birds. Their Fondness was the key of the completion of the museum in Bahawalpur zoo in 1942.

In this Museum not only antiquities but mummified animals are also kept under good care. For this purpose the services of Mr. George Egypt were hired and he was also appointed as the first care taker and mummifying person of the museum. Afterward Mr. George Egypt accepted Islam in 1952 and named himself Sheikh Saeed Akhter.

Now a days his son Sheikh Aslam is serving the museum as a care taker and mummifying person. The lion, black tiger, fish, watch, crocodile and many other animals which were mummified during 1942 and 1974 still look fresh. In 1970-71 a hall and a pictures gallery was added to this museum building. Now a days this beautiful museum is famous because of its mummified birds, animals besides that antiquities, historical pictures, a collection of tickets, coins, and old notes of many countries including Pakistan.

It is also famous among the public because of the historical information provided in the museum about the state of Bahawalpur.