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Sadiq Garh Palace

The only Palace which is far more superior to all others in terms of elegance and glory is named Sadiq Garh Palace. This Palace was established in 1882 by His Highness Nawab Sadiq Muhammad Khan (IV). This Palace was constructed under the supervision of expert engineers with a cost of fifteen lac rupees. The work of construction almost continued for ten years. After the completion of the palace, it was inaugurated in the presence of a majestic court.

Picture Gallery of Sadiq Garh Palace and its belongings

There is huge wall all around the palace and there are lush green lawns inside it with beautiful plants having colorful flowers. This sky building is a masterpiece of beauty. There is a bastion in every corner of the palace placed like this that it seems like a soldier on his duty to protect. There is beautiful dome in the center of the building which looks more beautiful in night when it is glowing with lights of different colors.

There verandas all around the building. There are cellars under the bastions where instead of electric light natural light is also arranged. Inside the Central Senate there is court hall and sets with all accessories are placed on both sides especially for respected guests. From rest room to drawing room, dressing room, wash room and office are glorious. The floors, roofs and walls are beautifully designed.

All the material and furniture is of best quality. There are big mirrors and lamps in the rooms and the chairs, tables and beds are of same colors. The beautiful art norms and lovely curtains are increasing its beauty.

The Durbar hall is worth visiting. In this huge hall the kingly plank is placed and behind the plank there is a big mirror. It is said about this mirror that when it arrived Karachi through the sea way it was loaded on special trucks to take it to Bahawalpur. Many platforms of different railway stations were expanded because of this mirror.

There is a beautiful shower in front the porch of the Palace increasing its majesty. There is also a zoo in the palace in which beautiful birds and animals from all over the world are kept. There is museum in which animals and birds are mummified using chemical methods and are kept under good care.

The map of the palace is made up with such expertness that the palace looks like a garden from all its views and the desert area also comes in front of it. There are gardens all around the palace but from the northern door one can see pools of water and form the other side of the door desert can also be viewed. There is also a library in the palace in which some rare books in English, Urdu, Persian and Arabic on different topics are available. All palaces of Bahawalpur are constructed considering Islamic ways because if any palace is constructed using European or any other style but bastions and domes are always there.

Because most of the palaces were constructed during the governance of Sir Sadiq Muhammad Khan (IV) it can be said that he was the King of Bahawalpur. He had fondness of establishing new buildings so most of the important buildings in Bahawalpur are put up by His Highness. The Sadiq Manzil, Mubarik Manzil and Rahat Manzil are also gifted by His Highness.