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Lal Suhanra National Park Bahawalpur

The trip to Lal Suhanra National Park is very interesting for the naturalists. The park was developed in 1972 and is the home of many animals and birds, including the rare Chinkara Gazelle and plentiful wild boar.

There is a project here for re-introducing black buck into their former desert habitat; you can see about 30 of them in the fenced enclosure just inside the forest plantation. In winter there are abundant ducks on the lake.

Lal Suhanra is approximately 36 km (22 miles) north-east of Bahawalpur; leave the town by the Khairpur road and fork right after about 30 km (20 miles) on a dirt track to join the desert feeder canal. You can hire a local guide to explore the park. There is a rest house that you can book through the Park Office, 3-A Trust colony, Bahawalpur or you can camp.

Fifteen Kilometers towards the East is the rest house and a beautiful lake which is worth visiting.

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