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Dr. Muhammad Irshad ul Haq






Specialties: Ear, Nose, Throat

Head Of Department (ENT) BVH
Professor (QAMC)
ENT Specialist

Address:  House # 9/A Lane 2 Medical Colony BVH Bahawalpur
Email: Not Available

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3 responses to “Dr. Muhammad Irshad ul Haq”

  1. muhmmad kashif Avatar
    muhmmad kashif

    Dr. Irshad Ul Haq is a very good doctor in BVH hospital in BWP.

  2. muhmmad Kashif Avatar
    muhmmad Kashif

    Dr. Arshad ul Haq is a very good doctor.

  3. محمد صدیق خان بلوچ Avatar
    محمد صدیق خان بلوچ

    ڈاکٹر ارشاد الحق صاحب ایک مسیحا ہیں
    کریم ذات ان کو مزید ترقیوں سےنوازے

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