List of Doctors of Bahawalpur

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  • Dr. Shahid Sameja

    Associate Professor (QAMC)
    Visiting Neuro Surgeon (BVH)

    MBBS, FCPS (Neuro Surgery), FCPS (General Surgery)

    Specialties: Neurology, Neuro Surgery, General Surgery

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    Dr. Saif ur Rehman

    Assistant Professor (QAMC)
    Specialist (Cancer and Blood Diseases)


    Specialties: Cancer, Blood Diseases, Sugar, Blood Pressure, Hepatitis, Liver, Intestines, Stomach, Paralysis, Joint pain, Muscular pain

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    Dr. Muhammad Hassan

    Senior Registrar (Medical 3) BVH
    Consultant Physician & Medical Specialist

    MBBS (Nishtar), MCPS (Medicine), FCPS (Medicine)

    Specialties: Medicine, Consultant Physician

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    Dr. Muhammad Aamir

    Associate Professor (QAMC) 
    Specialist (Pain Management & Anesthesiology)

    MBBS, FCPS, DA, MSC (Pain Medicine)

    Specialties: Medicine, Pain Management, Anesthesiology

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    Dr. Rao Javed Akhter

    Medical Superintendent (BVH)
    Physician & Specialist (Chest, Asthma, Tuberculosis)

    MBBS, MCPS (Pulmonology), MCPS (Family Medicine), MCPS (Children Medicine)

    Specialties:  Chest, Asthma, Tuberculosis, Medicine

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    Dr. Abdul Raoof

    Assistant Professor (QAMC)
    Member Chest Society (PAK) (USA)

    MBBS, FCPS (Pulmonology), FCPS (Medicine)

    Specialties: Chest, Bronchoscopy, Asthma, Tuberculosis, Allergy, Smoking, Cancer

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